Davis-Standard: New product line for ThermoplasticBiologic

ThermoplasticBiologic (TBL) of Newton, New Jersey, has made its innovative tubing and product line a reality using the custom capabilities of a new Davis-Standard tubing system. The system, installed shortly after the company was established in early 2003, is being used to manufacture specialty and commercial grade tubing for bio-science, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and industrial applications, among others. TBL founders and owners Robert and James Dupont have quickly developed a reputation for providing new and unique products to the industry. This includes the company’s “Bio-Line” program of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) tubing, which offers a cost-effective and biologically enhanced alternative to traditional biopharmaceutical and silicone tubing.
“Davis-Standard exhibits a lot of responsibility to its customers. Their people make a strong commitment and this is backed by the best technology and equipment available,” said TBL president, Robert Dupont. “We have confidence in our relationship with Davis-Standard as we develop and grow the business.”
Primary components of the Davis-Standard system include a 2 1/2-inch (60mm) and 1 1/4-inch (30mm) extruder, an EPIC III™ control system, single and multi-layer extrusion tooling, an OD measuring and control system and associated downstream equipment. The company’s tubing and parts are extruded, fabricated, assembled and packaged in-house. In addition, TBL outsources its laboratory facility and extrusion system to customers for product trials, research and new product development.
Although TBL is a new business venture for the Dupont’s, the family is not new to extrusion with more than 50 years of industry experience. The company services a diverse customer base with products ranging from TPE tubing to specialty tubing for ground water remediation, fiberglass rod and analytical equipment. Specific to its Bio-Line product range, TBL offers four versions based on chemical resistance requirements. Each is engineered for demanding fluid transfer applications with a long peristaltic pump life as well as low permeability and low protein binding characteristics. The “Bio-Line IV” tubing is especially unique in that it is co-extruded with an inner core and outer lining of USP Class VI low density polyethylene. All TBL products are manufactured to meet exacting specifications with internal diameters as small as .032-inches (.8mm) and tolerances as low as +/- .00002.
Dupont added, “When my son James and I founded ThermoplasticBiologic, we wanted to grow the market by developing new products for new applications rather than manufacturing something that already exists. Our Bio-Line tubing is one example of the progressive technology we offer the marketplace.”
Due to impending business demands, TBL plans to purchase an additional Davis-Standard system in the near future. For more information about ThermoplasticBiologic and the company’s products, visit www.thermoplasticbiologic.com. For more information about Davis-Standard’s tubing capabilities, contact Wendell Whipple at [email protected]

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