Berstorff: Machines for the Chinese market

Extrusion machinery manufacturer Berstorff believes that a simplified range of machines will help it to win new business in China. Its UTX Basic twin-screw extruder, which will be shown at K2004, is highly standardised and forms an important part of Berstorff’s growth strategy in both emerging and established markets. The Basic model will be more than 20% cheaper than the company’s existing UT and UTX products, according to Ralf Dahl, technology manager for twin-screw extruders. As well as being attractive to developing nations, the model is also aimed at smaller masterbatchers and contract compounders in Europe. It will be available with six screw diameters between 26mm and 77mm, and standard speeds of 600rpm, 900rpm and 1,200rpm. A prototype will be exhibited at K2004 in October.

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