Dow Polyolefins: Enhanced Bimodal HDPE Resins for Pressure Pipe

A new family of high-performance HDPE resins that is said to provide long extrapolated life expectancy, enhanced integrity, and outstanding strength for pressure pipe and fittings as compared with other HDPE resins and concrete, steel, and clay. New Continuum bimodal PE resins from Dow Polyolefins, Houston, are aimed at pipe for potable water, natural-gas distribution, oil and gas production, sewer, mining, and industrial chemicals.
Produced with Unipol II gas-phase, multi-reactor process technology, these resins now include an enhanced additive package designed to improve pipe extrusion. These materials boast better resistance to slow crack growth and high-temperature/pressure performance than standard HDPE pipe resins. Dow also claims increased toughness, increased tensile strength and modulus, excellent resistance to rapid crack propagation, and enhanced bonding to MDPE and other HDPE pipe grades.

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