Leistritz: Lab-Scale Extruder

The new Leistritz lab-extruder with striking new features was introduced at Plast and NPE by the company. With 18 mm screw diameter, a screw speed of up to 1200 rpm and a side feeder, ZSE 18 HP, the smallest twin screw extruder of the Leistritz ZSE series, makes authentic sampling of formulations at laboratory scale possible. Even for the production of small batches, the ZSE 18 HP is an excellent alternative to larger machines. With throughputs of 200 g/h up to 40 kg/h for certain applications, this small extruder exhibits excellent performance according to the company. Due to the high torque even pellets that are hard to handle, such as PA 6, PA 66 and PET can be fed conveniently. Despite the modular set-up and other features of the ZSE range the new features include: a new high torque multi-motor drive, which combines motor and gearbox in a single, water-cooled housing, which makes the drive extremely reliable and silent; involute splined shaft profile for transmission of the high specific torque of 74 Nm; and the according side feeder facilitates split-feed processes for various compounding tasks such as filling, colouring and reinforcing.

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