Cincinnati: Standardised downstream equipment for its Alpha extruders

Cincinnati Extrusion has launched standardised downstream equipment for its Alpha extruders. These will be shown as complete Alpha Tubeline pipe and Alpha Profline profile extrusion lines for the first time at the K 2004 fair in October. The equipment offers short delivery times and a good price/performance ratio, the company said at a preview of the company’s exhibits. Cincinnati said it has sold more than 200 of the Alpha machines since the introduction of standard high-end Alpha single screw extruders at K 2001.
Managing director Walter Häder told it was still able to offer the basic Alpha 45-25B and 60-25B machines at the same “cost-effective” prices of E28,000 and E34,000 as at the time of the K 2001 launch. The company recently added two new model versions to the Alpha machines involving an increase in the L/D ratio by 3D to 28D and options of grooved or fine grooved feed zones.
It said that while the standard version Alphas were especially suited for processing of soft materials such as thermoplastic elastomers, the grooved feed zone versions were suitable for unfilled or filled PP profiles and tubes and other polymers such as polyamide.

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