LDPE consumption dipped last year, while LLDPE’s grew again

According to consultancy Nexant Chem Systems, Western European consumption of LDPE fell by 2.2% in 2003, reflecting the poor economic performance in major European economies. At the same time, LLDPE consumption increased by 4.6%. “There was some modest substitution from LDPE to LLDPE taking place,” says Roger Green, global polyolefins manager with Nexant. “However, LDPE tends to remain fairly stable while LLDPE takes most of the growth in the market.” Nexant notes that imports of polyethylene into Europe continue to rise. In 2003, the consultancy estimates that LLDPE imports totalled around 320,000 tonnes, mostly from the Middle East. Nexant is predicting greater than 7% annual growth in consumption for LLDPE during the next five years, but just 1% for LDPE.

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