Clariant: Exolit® for optimal fire protection

Exolit® is Clariant’s high-quality response to the continually rising safety awareness in fire protection. Especially in construction, traffic, electronics, electrical engineering, furniture, and mining, the increasingly stringent fire protection requirements worldwide require the use of flame retardants.

Exolit®, the future-oriented, non-halogenated flame retardant systems from Clariant, are suitable for many applications. These highly effective products guarantee optimal fire protection while taking into consideration ecological and toxicological effects.

But, in addition to its proven products, Clariant also offers a special customer-oriented service, which sets the company apart from many other suppliers. The flame retardant systems are tailored to the individual application in close cooperation with the customer. This approach has two major benefits: the Exolit® system is always perfectly fitted to the requirements of the customers, and the range of products is being constantly improved and optimized in view of the increasing safety regulations.

In addition to merely supplying the market with products, the corporate philosophy of Clariant, a company that has decades of experience as a partner on the global market, also includes the implementation and fulfillment of worldwide norms and standards. Management systems such as DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001, combined with the comprehensive know-how and experience of the experts from Clariant, ensure the first-class quality of Exolit® products. Also, Clariant is already getting ready for the new EU Chemical Policy known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals), which requires the full regulatory evaluation of a product and all of its components. The evaluation is bound to become a decisive criterion for selecting products.

Clariant is known for its excellent product quality and its customer-oriented service – two aspects that have a major contribution in making the Pigments & Additives Division an international market leader. In preventive fire protection, the Clariant approach guarantees maximum safety, without compromising the standards.
A major ingredient of Clariant’s non-halogenated flame protection systems, sold under the Exolit® trade name, is ammonium polyphosphate (APP). Exolit® fulfills all of the current requirements for environmentally safe and highly effective fire protection. The advantage of the Exolit® flame retardants is its low smoke density and the absence of the formation of corrosive gases in case of a fire.

The non-halogenated systems are suitable for various applications, such as coatings for steel structures, sealants, adhesives, wood, textiles, polyurethanes, duroplastics (resins), or thermoplastics. Exolit® is also the preferred protection for intumescent coatings. At temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius, the precise coordination of various components prompts a foaming process, forming a voluminous carbon-rich layer that protects the underlying substrate from the impact of heat. While non-halogenated flame retardants have been used mainly for fire protection coatings in steel and wood materials, the Exolit® AP systems can be used with the same success in plastics, such as polyolefines, polyurethanes, unsaturated polyester resins, and epoxy resins.

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