Davis-Standard: Culisse Winder Eliminates Slitting and Rewinding Process

Producers of hygienic films and non-wovens have long been required to slit and rewind products from extrusion machines to make them marketable to customers. The Culisse winder from Davis-Standard provides a cost and time saving alternative by eliminating the slitting and rewinding steps for most processes as well as scrap. Due to these competitive advantages, the Culisse has become a popular choice among hygienic film producers worldwide. Specifically, Davis-Standard has seen an increase in the winder’s use for niche applications in the diaper film, breathable film and non-woven coating sectors. High-speed, in-line slitting capabilities and a scrapless transfer mechanism make the Culisse a viable alternative to traditional turret winders.
The Culisse is capable of in-line slitting to widths of 3 inches (75mm) across a 120-inch (3,000mm) web at speeds up to 600 meters per minute
(2,000 feet per minute). The winder’s scrapless transfer mechanism generates high yields for extrusion applications by indexing the new core into a transfer position while the transfer is made without indexing the final roll. This is a faster, more efficient process when compared to standard turret winders which produce scrap during the index cycle of the full roll. The Culisse is available with a roll diameter of 40 to 60 inches (1,000 to 1,500mm) and with options such as automatic core feed and finished roll removal. The winder is also offered with U.S. or European electrical configurations.
The winder is available from Davis-Standard’s facilities in Somerville, New Jersey, USA and Erkrath, Germany. Both locations offer after sales services. To schedule a video presentation contact Steve Post at (908) 722-6000 (USA) or Volkmar Mehnert at 49-211-2404-0 (Germany).

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