Unicor Rahn Plastmaschinen: Pipe Corrugator Technology Symposium

On November 26th 2003, Unicor Rahn Plastmaschinen demonstrated to 45 European visitors the newly developed UC100, the first corrugator of a new and innovative machinery generation. This new corrugating technique again demonstrates Unicor’s claim to leadership as a machine building company on the world market, according to Managing Director Mr Klaus Kaufmann. This development positions Unicor to face the challenges of future years as well as the coming K show. The newly developed corrugator for the production of corrugated and double-wall pipe for diameters between 10 mm and 125 mm. For the 45 visitors at Unicor, experienced in the field of plastic pipe technology, the technical features of the machine were decisive. In contrast to previous machines the production quantity can be increased by 45% without losing product quality. This corresponds to a production speed of 22 m/min compared to 15 m/min of current speed for a double-wall pipe with a diameter of 110 mm. To achieve such performance some basic problems had to be solved, resulting in the filing of six patents thus demonstrating the demand on such improvements.

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