EDI: Coating Technology Extends Die-Lip Life

Extrusion Dies Industries LLC, USA, will debut a technology for coating flat-die lip surfaces at the K 2004 show in Dusseldorf that’s claimed to improve product quality and add days of machine uptime every year. Called EverSharp, the tungsten carbide coating is applied to the die lips in place of conventional chrome plating. Tungsten carbide coating reportedly lasts at least eight times longer than chrome plating before it needs to be reground to restore lip sharpness. Regrinding, usually done every three months with chrome plating, involves taking a machine out of service for a day at a cost of thousands of dollars. The tungsten carbide coating resists micro-fractures during initial sharpening, so lip edges are sharper to begin with than with chrome. The coating is less porous than chrome plating, which improves corrosion resistance, and it is hard and more abrasion-resistant, suiting it to extrusion of highly filled compounds.
The process was developed by Praxair Surface Technologies Inc. An agreement between the companies makes EDI the exclusive distributor of the coating technology for flat-die lip services worldwide, except in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, which EDI covers on a non-exclusive basis.

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