Cabot: New products at K2004

On its stand at K’2004, Cabot Corporation is featuring the latest masterbatches, conductive compounds and carbon black grades developed to meet the needs of plastics processors and end users.
Four new masterbatches are being added to the already extensive range of these materials. PLASBLAK® LL4932 has been formulated to provide UV protection in drip irrigation pipe systems with superior surface smoothness while allowing processors to achieve high production rates, because of to the low die build-up performance of the product. It joins an existing range of specialised masterbatches designed by Cabot for this application.
Two new white masterbatches PLASWITE® PE7567 and PS7568 are also being introduced which provide high opacifying performance through the use of a special package of pigments. Developed for packaging applications requiring optimum light protection, one is polyethylene-based and the other polystyrene-based.
The fourth new masterbatch PLASBLAK® PE4765 is a highly concentrated, easily diluted premium quality black grade specially designed for applications requiring the highest quality surface finish with the minimum number of defects.

Cabot has also developed two new black pigments for fine-denier polyester fibre. BLACK PEARLS® 4560i has a specified fine screen Delta P of 0.25 bar/g of pigment vs. 0.50 bar/g of pigment in BLACK PEARLS 4560 (correlated test in PP); this enables the fibre manufacturer to increase spin-pack life during production, while maintaining colour performance, masterbatch dilutability and dispersability.
BLACK PEARLS 5560 has an improved colour strength and a bluer tone over BLACK PEARLS 4560i. Therefore, this grade is designed for applications where high colour performance is required. Its characteristics also produce extended filter life and consistent product cleanliness.

Three new grades are being added to the CABELEC® range of conductive compounds, including a non-black product that can be coloured with masterbatches. All provide permanent conductivity that is not dependent on atmospheric conditions.

CABELEC XS4743 is based on high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and is designed principally for injection-moulding large items such as pallets and containers. The formulation combines good flow behaviour for efficient, high-volume production with high impact resistance (14.5KJ/m²) and good conductivity.

Cabot has also developed a new polyethylene grade, CABELEC CA4918, for blown film applications, which provides a higher tear resistance than existing products and an improved weldability. For extruded sheet applications where a non-black finished colour is preferred, Cabot is introducing XS9915, a polystyrene grade that can be coloured with masterbatch in the standard way.

Cabot Corporation is in Hall 5, stand 5F03 at K’2004.

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