Simona: Twinwall sheet for thermoformed fuel tanks at K

German sheet manufacturer Simona is to exhibit twinwall sheet for thermoforming fuel tanks on its stand at the K2004 show. The decision to show the sheet follows the start-up of a new sheet extrusion plant at the company’s Kirn headquarters at the end of 2003; Delphi also successfully introduced thermoformed fuel tanks using the new sheets from Simona this year.
The co-extruded seven-layer sheet is made with an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier layer and a two adhesion promoter layers and can be made in width up to 2.4 metres. The company claimed that future low-emission requirements for fuel tanks “can be met with ease”.
Thermoformed fuel tanks have now been introduced at European automotive OEMs by both Delphi and Visteon, as an alternative to the traditional blow moulded tanks. The twinwall sheets for the Visteon tanks are made by Spartech at a new extrusion plant in Donchery, France.

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