VTC Silvergate: Twin Screw Extrusion Line Commissioned

VTC Silvergate, North Wales, the UK colour and additive masterbatch division of Vita Thermoplastic Compounds, has this week completed the commissioning of an additional Leistritz twin screw extrusion line as part of its ongoing investment but particularly in response to the success of its recently launched brand Quiksilver. Quiksilver is a range of 200 polymer specific masterbatch colours available in up to 10 polymers and deliverable in any quantity from 5 kg to 5 tonnes, within 48 hours of order. The new equipment is a 60 mm twin screw Leistritz ZSE60 and its commissioning, earlier than originally planned, will give VTC Silvergate much needed additional capacity but more particularly greater manufacturing flexibility. The new 60 mm extruder will work alongside VTC Silvergate’s two 55 mm Leistritz lines and it will process predominantly large volume work leaving the two smaller units to handle Quiksilver and small to medium volume lots.

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