Dual Spiral Systems: Melt Fracture Elimination Coating

Dual Spiral Systems has teamed up with a surface engineering and coatings company to supply a newly developed composite coating for extrusion dies named K05. The new K05 coating is intended for use on extrusion components that experience a high degree of abuse or abrasive wear, where chrome plating was previously used.
Some of the unique properties of K05 are that it is extremely hard, resists temperatures in excess of 3000ºC, and has a coefficient of friction (COF) 4 times lower than regular chrome or nickel plating. Due to its very low COF, K05 has the ability to reduce the occurrence of melt fracture commonly observed on extrusion lines that do not use polymer processing additives. Because of this, K05 coating reduces the need for PPA lubricants. Melt fracture or “Sharkskin” causes processors to run blown film lines at slower rates. K05 reduces the need for expensive polymer processing aides and allows processors to run at higher output rates by reducing the occurrence of melt fracture. K05 coating is less expensive than traditional ceramic coatings used in extrusion dies. DSS can plate any die lip section with K05 regardless of who the manufacturer is.
K05 Features:
• Reduces melt fracture and reduces the need for polymer
processing aide.
• Allows use of narrower die gap for higher output.
• Eliminates need of expensive lip heaters.
• Reduce die buildup and scrap.
• Extremely hard and durable: superior protection against
• Better corrosion protection than chrome and no post
plating grinding is required.
• Very low COF, excellent lubricity and release
• K05 can be applied to your existing dies, and is a very
cost effective alternative.

For further technical details on this coating: www.dualspiralsystems.com/extrusion_die_coatings.html

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