SGL Carbon: New pipe for chemical plants

SGL Carbon has introduced a new glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pipe that uses a pure linear polyphenylene sulphide liner. The pipe is aimed at chemical plants where exposure to temperatures beyond 100°C is involved.
The company says the new Keraverin-PPS pipe fills a gap between systems using standard plastics materials and systems using more expensive fluoropolymers that can cover exposure up to 200°C.
It also believes the new pipe has good opportunities to replace expensive metal pipes using nickel, titanium, tantalum and special alloys.
SGL Carbon says only polyvinylidenfluride (PVDF) has been able to establish any significant use in chemical pipe systems. But the company claims PVDF systems have greater limitations when exposed to certain chemicals at high temperatures than has the new PPS-lined pipe.
Kerverein-PPS pipes have gone through chemical compatability tests that have included exposure to 50% sodium hydroxide at 110-130°C.
The new pipe has been developed by SGL Carbon together with Chevron Phillips Chemical, Georg Fischer DEKA and SGL Acotec, which will market the new pipe.

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