UPM: PET crystallising machines will save on polymer costs

UK ancillaries firm UPM has taken a licence to manufacture a range of infrared rotary drum dryers, which allow processors to exploit the lower cost of amorphous PET compared with crystalline material.
The Slough-based company said crystalline PET is around £80 (E118) a tonne higher that amorphous, as it requires a two-stage crystallising and drying process. Trials have been underway with major PET processors to carry out these steps in one pass through the use of rotary drum technology.
Under licence from Urban Stricker at Munster-based 42 Inventions, UPM is able to make these dryers for the worldwide market for both PET sheet and PC automotive glazing applications.
A residence time of eight minutes gives a final moisture content of less than 0.01% and a power consumption of 115 watts per kg, which, as UPM points out, is only slightly higher than the average light bulb.

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