Palram: PALSUN Solar Olympic, Reigned above the Olympics

Palram PALSUN Solar Olympic polycarbonate sheets reigned over all Olympic events at the main Olympic Stadium in Athens. The 24,000 square meter roof is constructed from 12 mm thick PALSUN UV2 Solar Olympic hard coated polycarbonate sheets. The 4750 sheets used to construct the roof weighed 380 tons and were installed ahead of schedule.

The PALSUN Solar Olympic Roof provided a brethtaking aesthetic frame for night time events, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. During the day, it protected 95% of the potential 90,000 spectators from the both the heat and harmful UV radiation of the relentless Athens summer sun.

The success of the project resulted from the close working relationship developed with the principle contractor, Gallop Skylight Designs. The result was a finished project that totally satisfied the reknowned architect, Santiago Calatrava, who designed the project.

This was but the latest successful example of Palram supplying prompt specialized themoplastic sheet solutions for architects, engineers and contractors.

Palram is a leading multi-national manufacturer and distributor of thermoplastic sheets extruded from polycarbonate, PVC and other matarials. Palram operates plants and other facilities on three continents under ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance certification. Palram employs 550 world-wide.

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