Rapid Granulator AB: GranuMATIC™ shredder and EnergyPro energy saving device at K 2004

Rapid Granulator AB introduces its GranuMATIC™ granulating shredder and EnergyPro, a new energy saving device, on Stand E19, Hall 9 at K, Europe’s largest plastics industry fair that is held from 20 to 27 October 2004 in Duesseldorf, Germany.

The GranuMATIC™ is a completely new design and has been developed specifically with the plastics industry in mind. The new shredder has a unique combination of knife cutting technology, cutting speed and sequence cutting supported by a FlexiPUSH feeder. This results in a superior shredding solution for plastic materials with a clear and smooth cut with low stress and enables low motor power.

The new EnergyPro is Rapid’s answer to requests from the industry to save energy and costs by only using a granulator’s full power when it is really needed. The EnergyPro is a compact, soft starting motor controller that provides energy savings by managing the magnetic field of AC induction motors. The soft start reduces inrush currents up to 70% and extends the motor life time. The EnergyPro is specifically developed for the constant speed, variable load applications of Rapids granulators.

Apart from the new introductions the Rapid stand at K 2004 features the company’s whole range of granulators, from the small 15 and 20 series, the medium sized 26 and 30 series, the large 45 and 60 series of large granulators up to the heavy duty 80 series. Also Rapid’s range of optional accessories can be found on the stand, such as the TRACS clean air system that separates minute dust particles from regrind, the DS-400 dust separating system for less demanding applications, the Rapid Guillotine System for the recycling of edge trimmings from sheet extrusion lines, as well as units that detect and separate small metallic objects from the plastics regrind.

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