Nylacast: 60 extrusion lines for engineering plastics

UK cast nylon manufacturer Nylacast is launching itself into the market for extruded engineering plastics with a large-scale investment in machinery at its Leicester plant. The company is currently installing 60 extrusion lines with the aim of starting sales in its new engineering plastics extrusion division in November. The project, involving an investment of EURO 10m, will lead to Nylacast branching out from its traditional cast nylon business to produce a range of extruded PA, POM and PET products.
The new plant is capable of producing 4,000tpa of extruded plate and 4,000tpa of extruded rod and/or tube profiles. The company currently produces 4,000tpa of cast nylon; to this will be added 21 new grades of extruded nylons, polyacetals and PET. The extrusion expansion will be replicated at Nylacast’s wholly owned cast nylon operations in Mexico, South Africa and the Phillippines.

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