Jari Tooling: Focus on overseas market

Jari Tooling Technology Co. Ltd, a leader of plastic extrusion in China’s domestic tooling market, has been successfully incorporated by Shanghai Jari Extrusion System Co. Ltd with Lianyungang Jari Tooling Technology Co Ltd. Jari Tooling is a subsidiary of the Jiangsu Automation Research Institute.

The company considers customer satisfaction as first priority, which has put efforts to improve product quality, technology content, processing level, management and after-sale service. Currently, Jari’s products are exported to the United States, Japan, the Korea, Russia, Germany, Italy and many other countries. Also, it has established branches in Germany to provide more accurate and timely information and services to its customers.

In 1996, Jari was the first Chinese extrusion tooling manufacturer to acquire the ISO9001 quality control certificate. Its main services including various plastic extrusions like high precision extrusion tooling, co-extrusion tooling, sheet and board tooling, and other window and door products.

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