Milacron: Wood-composite extrusion for the global market

US machinery firm Milacron is returning to the global market for wood-plastic extruders for the first time since it sold its European arm to SMS in 1999. Milacron sold its Austrian business, now known as Cincinnati Extrusion, to SMS with the agreement not to compete in each other’s territories for five years. This restricted Milacron to North America and gave Cincinnati Extrusion access to Europe and the rest of the world.
However, it is now free to compete with Cincinnati Extrusion, which in 2002 sold wood profile extrusion lines based around its Fiberex extrusion systems worth around EURO 27m. In that year 96% of its total sales were outside North America.
Milacron said it will rely on its global infrastructure to quickly penetrate overseas markets, using manufacturing facilities in Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and India. Abbiati said the company was ramping up production in China.

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