Ampacet: New Masterbatches Increase Extrusion Productivity

Ampacet Corp., USA, recently introduced the Performance Plus line of color and additive masterbatches for injection molded, blow molded, and thermoformed products. These masterbatches reportedly have been shown to increase productivity by 15% to 40% through faster cycle times and reduced scrap. They reportedly increase output by as much as 100% in some extrusion processes. Applications range from large pails to lawn-and-garden products to consumer packaging (bottles).
Ampacet engineered the Performance Plus line to provide faster production rates and lower energy consumption by reducing viscosity at low shear rates for most polymers. Production costs are also lowered by delivering more consistent parts with improved additive and pigment distribution. These masterbatches also allow processors to lower processing temperatures, resulting in less degradation of polymers, pigments and/or additives.
“Performance Plus technology is not for every machine or application,” says Rich Novomesky, market manager. “That is why we offer an optimization process where we audit the equipment first, optimize that equipment to achieve the best possible productivity, and only then introduce Performance Plus masterbatches.”
Ampacet’s new line is said to be non-reactive, non-toxic, non-migratory, and safe for all applications requiring FDA approval. It is effective in unfilled or filled polymers. As an added benefit, Performance Plus color and additive masterbatches contain a unique purging quality, which further helps to speed changeover times and reduce scrap.

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