Davis-Standard: Low Profile Die Technology

Davis-Standard’s latest evolution of low profile die (Lo-Pak) coextrusion technology is engineered to offer processors tighter profile tolerances, higher quality and productivity, as well as versatility to run many resins and new film grades.
The updated 380mm (15-inch), three-layer Lo-Pak die is from a family of dies that serve a range of applications including converting film, barrier food packaging, specialty and laminating films. The die incorporates a unique shear-rate modeling design that reduces residence time and wetted surface area when compared to other dies. This design also features controlled shear rates in the critical confluence area, improving gauge control accuracy and film consistency. Heavy die body components offer steady heat transfer and thermal stability. The die’s taper-lock construction with lapped seal surfaces perfectly aligns components to eliminate leaks while minimizing the number of mechanical seals required.
This low profile system is designed for 200 - 270 bar die inlet pressure for excellent overall and layer-to-layer thickness control for multiple polymers and processing conditions. The short flow distances from confluence to gap improve tolerances for a variety of viscosities and resin types. In addition, all extruder transfer pipes enter at the same height for simplified maintenance and resin handling. The Lo-Pak is available in diameters from 200mm to 900mm (8 to 35 inches) and in models up to nine layers.
For more information about the Lo-Pak die technology or AutoPro air ring, contact Rick Keller at Davis-Standard’s facility in Somerville, New Jersey, USA, at [email protected] or (908) 722-6000, ext. 2266.

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