DuPont: Seventeenth DuPont awards for innovations in packaging

The winners of the DuPont Packaging Awards 2004 ( have been announced.
Selecting from a total of 104 entries, the eight-member judging panel
nominated 22 international food and non-food packaging innovations for
The food category recognises advancements from all parts of the food chain,
which are made possible, or more productive, by the use of plastic
packaging. The non-food category recognises innovations that use plastic
packaging in industrial, cosmetic, medical or other non-food related
Evaluation criteria are degree of innovation, breadth of application,
significance on industry or consumers, marketing innovation and impact of
the packaging on consumer or industry buying decisions.
DuPont sponsors the competition in cooperation with Campden &
Chorleywood Food Research Association, Gloucestershire (England) and
the National Food Processors Association in Washington DC (USA).
Entries need not include a DuPont product to be eligible. Since its inception
in 1986, the competition has received more than 700 entries from over 35
countries. During that time, over 140 innovations have been honoured.
Three significant innovations received the Diamond Award
•The Procter & Gamble Company, Product Ventures, Ltd., Liquid
Container Co., Amcor Flexibles, Erie Plastics, and Multi-Color
Corporation (all USA), received a Diamond Award for the Folger’s
AromaSeal™ Shaped Plastic Coffee Canister – a modern alternative to
the 150-year tradition of metal tins. The 6-layer co-extruded canister is
dent and ding resistant, is lightweight and stackable. The moulded-in
handle makes the canister easier to handle – a real value-adding
packaging feature.

•The Paper Products Ltd. (India) and GlaxoSmithKline (Nigeria and
USA) received a Diamond Award for their continuous hologram
security seals in pharmaceutical blister packs to prevent counterfeiting.
•Morningstar Foods, Inc., and Closure & Specialty Products (both USA)
are the third recipients of a Diamond Award. It was for the toggle
dispensing closure of the Delight Coffee Creamers from Morningstar
International, which is ergonomically designed for one-handed opening
and closing. A toggle-closing end is designed to provide for a clean
shut-off with minimal drip and no left-over residue, while providing a
secure seal for refrigerated storage. The dispensing closure is injectionmoulded

Four Gold Awards went to:
•EDV Packaging Solutions and Nutrexpa S.A, both from Barcelona
(Spain) for the development of a transparent, multi-layer package of
polypropylene and ethylene vinyl alcohol co-polymer (EVOH), bonded
with DuPont™ Bynel® adhesive resin, for the La Piara line of paté
spreads. The five-layer structure can withstand pasteurisation for over
one hour. Barrier to oxygen is achieved with thermal resistant EVOH.
DuPont Bynel® is used for its high-temperature resistance.
•MonoSol, LLC (USA) and The Procter & Gamble Company (Belgium)
for the Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs. The dual compartment water-soluble
film packaging houses both powder detergent and liquid grease-cutter
for automatic dishwashers. The cold-water soluble MonoSol film is
made from cast co-polymer polyvinyl alcohol (DuPont™ Elvanol®).
•Kraft Foods and Printpack (both USA) for a new package platform for
Ritz® chips. For the consumer, the flat-bottomed, easy open, stand up
pouch affords a peelable easy open function with convenient peel-offtab
for reclosure. For the producer, the tandem adhesive lamination
structure exceeds key attribute requirements of high impact graphics,
product shelf life barriers, high-speed machinability, and consumer
•Ross Products (a division of Abbott Laboratories), Crown Cork & Seal,
Owens-Illinois Plastics Group, American Fuji Seal, Bemis Flexible
Packaging, Weyerhaeuser and Innovations & Development, Inc. (all
USA) for the Ensure® Ready to Drink re-closable plastic bottle. The
packaging consists of a two-piece composite closure, a 6-layer plastic
bottle; a full body shrink film and a label featuring 7-colour rotogravure
reverse printing.

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