Davis-Standard: Compact Motor Design for High Speed Applications

To further address customer requirements, Davis-Standard recently added torque motors to its equipment offering for some of its high-speed extrusion applications.
The motor’s compact size integrates easily into the extruder design, combining both gearbox and motor functions into one highly efficient machine. Design advantages include a hollow shaft, water cooling, fewer mechanical components and high rigidity. Processor operating benefits include low machine noise, reduced maintenance, flexible installation, increased repeatability and a screw speed capacity between 200 and 300 rpm. This motor is especially advantageous for extrusion applications where it would enable processors to remove the screw from the rear of the extruder, preventing disruption of downstream equipment.
For more information about the torque motor, contact John Radovich at Davis-Standard’s facility in Pawcatuck, Connecticut, USA at [email protected] or (860) 599-1010.

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