Huhtamaki: Launch of biodegradable packaging range

Finland’s Huhtamaki has launched a range of Bioware biodegradable packaging products. It claimed to be the first packaging material manufacturer to take this step with food service packaging, with potential seen in areas such as public festivals, catering, daily food and beverage service.
Bioware products include single-use cold drink cups, plates, containers and cutlery based on renewable and compostable raw materials; the company said the cold drink cups are made from Cargill Dow’s corn-based NatureWorks polylactide acide (PLA) resin. The plates and bowls are made in Huhtamaki’s Chinet moulded fibre.
Dietmar Johann, operations and logistics manager at Huhtamaki’s plant at Alf in Germany, said: “We can run NatureWorks PLA on our existing production lines. To achieve this was a challenge which involved the best know how and resources in the group, but with full commitment we succeeded and now the lines run smoothly in industrial scale”.

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