Davis-Standard: Large Extruder Designed for High Performance Applications

Davis-Standard’s 250mm (10-inch), 30:1 extruder is built for high-throughput applications and efficient operation. The machine’s design offers several advantages including eight temperature control zones for heating/cooling; a high-torque gearbox with two input shafts for running two motors on one screw shaft; and an easily accessible, one-piece welded steel base. A variety of screw designs are available for processing a range of polymers including HMW-HDPE, PET and PP.

The construction of this large extruder makes it ideal for demanding applications such as thick sheet and high output film processes. The machine features two drive motors, one on each side, directly connected by couplings to the input shaft of a three-stage, high-torque gear case. The gear reducer has an integrated thrust bearing for torques in excess of 85,000 Nm. An oil supply unit with control instruments and a temperature controlled heat exchange system ensures trouble-free operation.
The feed section, flanged to the gearbox, is sized for high throughputs and equipped with cooling channels. The one-piece, bimetallic-lined barrel is positioned on two supports to maintain alignment while allowing for thermal expansion. The barrel can be designed for up to 700 bar operating pressure with a rupture disc and pressure transducers for operator safety. The eight barrel heating/cooling zones feature aluminum heaters with unique cooling fins. The
heaters are wired on terminal strips in easily accessible cable channels. Additionally, there are four high-volume, double fans for each barrel zone to optimize temperature control.

The extruder’s rigid base with structural steel construction provides excellent stability and eliminates vibration. The base is positioned by hardened surfaces on ball roller elements to permit height adjustment and compensate for thermal expansion on two axes. A three-zone, circuit water system for the feed section, gear reducer, screw cooling and control instruments is standard on the machine. A screw ejector with a pull system for screw removal is also part of the equipment package.
For more information about this extruder, contact --- Barton at [email protected]

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