Leistritz:The ZSE MAXX Range

With the ZSE MAXX range, a new machine series from Leistritz, will take the successful ZSE conception to a new dimension and will gradually replace its ZSE HP range. The foremost and most important feature is the maXXvolume, which leads to an increase in performance by 25 to 35% by means of an optimised volume/torque ratio. The drive unit of the MAXX enables the optimum screw speed and torque in correspondence with the application. The increase in flexibility was made possible by a new shaft-element joint, called maXXshaft — patent pending. The new processing unit can be downgraded to the ZSE HP series because of the common centreline distance of the screw shafts. Increased ease of use is also an important factor in the new machine design. By completely shrouding the drive unit, a reduced noise level can be achieved. A water cooled barrel cover makes operating the extruder even safer. A new frame design with integrated barrel cooling, facilitates easier assembling and disassembing of the heating cartridges and barrels. Thus exchanging the complete processing unit can be done much more conveniently. The term maXXcooling describes a new barrel cooling system with a 30% increase in cooling capacity by means of a sophisticated system of pipes, bores and heat exchangers.

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