Freedonia Group: Vinyl Siding Growth Remains Slow

Vinyl will remain the market leader in total U.S. siding demand through 2008, but growth between 2003 and 2008 will be virtually static at 0.4%/yr. Fiber cement and metal panels, meanwhile, will post solid annual growth of 6.7% during that period, while brick will grow 1%/yr, and stucco will gain 2% annually. The vinyl siding market will account for 40.1 million squares in 2008, up from 39.3 million in 2003. The overall siding market will be 110.5 million squares in 2008, up from 103 million in 2003, which translates to annual growth of only 1.45%.
These findings come from a new report from Freedonia Group, Cleveland, titled “Siding.” While volume gains will be relatively anemic, the value of the siding market will increase 3.9% annually from 2003 through 2008 to $10.2 billion, on the strength of higher-end siding, customer preferences for special features like integrated foam insulation and special finishes, and the rising cost of raw materials. In 2008, vinyl siding will account for 40.1% of the market, essentially unchanged from 39.3% in 2003. Fiber cement and metal panels will be No. 2 at 23.7% of the market, while stucco will be third at 19.2%. The 315-page report costs $4100. Tel: (440) 684-9600,

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