Macchi: Leadership in Co-Extrusion

At the recently closed K’2004 exhibition, Macchi shown the latest development of their COEX flex® units. One of the well known Macchi innovative concepts is to incorporate all the extruders on a single platform, resulting in the COEX flex® modules. Easy to transport, install in confined spaces and fully wired, these coextrusion platforms can often be installed and running on the same day.
This idea was a great success and today almost 90% of the 3 layer co-ex lines made by the Venegono House are engineered around them.

The newly developed “Size 6” platform, “World Premiere” at the K, consisted of 2 side extruders having 80mm of screw diameter and 1 core extruder of 100 mm of screw diameter. Equipped with a 500 mm IBC die this setup is capable of producing more than 900 kg/h of LDPE based structures and 700/750 kg/h running with more complex LLDPE structures. In proportional terms, this means a production of 1,5 to 1,9 kg/h/ per each mm of die diameter, compared to typical production standards of 1,1 to 1,2 kg/h/mm of die diameter. This without any compromise in the quality of the final film. The film design run in Dusseldorf was a demanding one, having skin layers respectively of 90 and 95% mLLDPE and more than 60 mLLDPE content as total formula content.

Amongst other novelty features the collapsing frames, assembled on the 2400 mm oscillating take off unit, engineered to reduce to a minimum the planarity deformation and dramatically decrease the film temperatures resulting from this remarkable throughputs and line speed.

The BO PLUS® on display, flagship of Macchi’s winders, had new software for accurate winding tension control on all winding modes, surface, gap and center-surface. The well known Easy Load® system, integrated with automatic roll and shaft handling system was the logical completion of one of the finest piece of machinery in hall 17.

Line computerized supervision and controls concerning extrusion parameters, automatic gauge profile and downstream services like Corona treaters, edge guiders and chillerplant were integrated into the most recent version of Easy Control Plus® , centralized on a 15” Siemens Touch Screen operator terminal, making the line extremely easy to operate.

As demonstrated with the daily runs, where the Macchi’s film consistently resulted of even superior qualities from the ones of the similar products obtained by competitive machinery Makers, the line performed flawlessly with impressive output rates, receiving tangible signs of praise from qualified observers and competitor Experts as well. Doubtless the impressive white Macchi line got full visibility under the Dusseldorf limelights, consolidating its manufacturer position within the selected group of the Leading Experts of coextrusion.

COEX flex® size 6 and Easy Control Plus® represent another step forward in integration, modularity and productivity in the field of blown film extrusion lines, bringing a solid meaning to the Macchi’s pay-off: Modular Engineering for Creative Solutions.

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