Klöckner: Innovative Shrink Films

Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc. has added two grades of shrink film to its Pentaprint line: high-shrink PETG film with a frosty look for full-body label applications, and L282/41 vinyl roll-on, shrink-on label film for wraparound applications. The PETG film provides a frosty appearance to glass bottles, eliminating the need for costly acid-etched containers. The film eliminates the need for a base color and complex ink lay-down techniques, thus providing additional savings. It has a 78% shrink rate and is said to be well suited to highly contoured bottles and containers. The product provides outstanding gauge control, ink adhesion, and seaming, and can be used with flexographic and gravure printing processes.
Pentaprint L282/41 roll-on film offers high visibility and excellent graphics, and can be run on existing wrap-around label machinery with minimal equipment modification. The product has a 45% shrink rate, more than twice that of most competitive, heat-stable films, and can be used with quick-setting solvent adhesives and flexographic or gravure printing. Clear versions permit reverse printing of graphics. The film reportedly has excellent gauge control, layflat properties, ink adhesion, and seaming.

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