Cincinnati Milacron: Biggest Conical Twin-Screw for Wood Composites

What is said to be the world’s largest counter-rotating, conical twin-screw extruder for wood-plastic composites was shipped last year by Cincinnati Milacron, USA, to Hughes Processing in La Mirada, USA. That model TC96 extruder, with screw diam. of 202 mm at the large end, tapering to 96 mm and 30:1 nominal L/D, is double-vented for high outputs with wood fiber. It runs wood-filled ABS, ASA, PP, HDPE, and PS at over 2000 lb/hr and wood-filled PVC at over 2600 lb/hr. Previously, the highest output of wood composite from a conical twin-screw was 1700 to 2000 lb/hr. With the new machine, Hughes increased its wood content from the prior 25% maximum to 30%. Milacron says the TC96 can process up to 70% wood.

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