Battenfeld: Low Noise Calibration Unit

With the development of a central vacuum system for calibration tables about three years ago, Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, Germany, set a benchmark for the profile extrusion industry. Now the machine manufacturer has introduced the new low noise calibration unit. Up to 10 vacuum pumps can be installed in each calibration table. The rotor disks inside the pumps create a loud noise with a frequency of about 400 Hz at the air pressure release valves. To reduce this enormous noise emission, the machine manufacturer has tested and compared vacuum pumps from a number of different suppliers, discovering differences of four to eight dB (A) in noise emission, and then decided in favour of a pump with an optimised air release valve. Moreover, the sound emitted by that pump is directed through a special under-water exhaust pipe. The surrounding water absorbs up to six dB (A) of the sound. Finally, Battenfeld has equipped its low noise calibration unit with pipe sound absorbers and/or sound baffles to further reduce the residual noise emission from the expelled air. The low noise calibration unit received its name because of the substantially reduced noise level compared to conventional calibration tables. Thanks to an optimised pump and several sound absorbing devices, Battenfeld has succeeded in a substantial reduction of noise emission from the vacuum pumps.

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