Source One Packaging: Polyolefin film gains popularity rather than PVC among food companies

Source One Packaging, a US packing company has turned to polyolefin films, as a replacement of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shink film used for food products.

The company plans to extend its packaging and tamper evident packaging product line by using polyolefin films. Currently, tamper proof packaging is expected to have a potential market due to the growing public concerns over bioterrorism and food safety in general.

Source One’s new products ensure security from tampering and pilferage for food and non-food applications, including sealing small packages and unusual shaped items.

Compare with PVC film, polyolefin film offers better characteristics, such as doesn’t become brittle and yellow with age or break down during the heat-sealing phase of packaging. Moreover, PVC production lines create odor and smoke as the film deposits on the sealing equipment and carbon builds up on the sealing tools over time. Therefore, polyolefin film without the above problems require less maintenance and promise a cleaner, higher quality appearance, according to the company.

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