ROSSI STAMP: Extrusion Machinery for all Types of Profile

On high-technology process the company, ROSSI STAMP, can offer equipment of high sophistication compared to the normal ones the market can offer. The Company can manufacture tooling and machinery for all types of profile and material, including: PVC, PC, PE, PP, PS, PUR, PA and ABS. Ideal application for Rossi Stamp equipment include co-extruded parts made from a range of materials, the covering of wood, aluminium and steel and multi-material extrusion for the automotive industry. It furthermore specialises in the production of custom made machinery and accessories for extrusion and co-extrusion. Rossi Stamp has developed an innovative process in glassfibre reinforced extruded profiles. The process provides the means of producing a continuously reinforced extruded profile with the reinforcement located where required to give the desired properties. The process provides an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution for “self-stiffened” continuous profiles, giving improved properties and greater design flexibility than existing products. The technology offers the potential of up to 500% increase in flexural stiffness over conventional plastic extrusions and a reduction in costs when compared to metallic or pultruded products.

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