Anchor: Source One facility in Hong Kong

St. Louis-based thermoformer and film maker Anchor Packaging Inc. has opened an office in Hong Kong and will launch manufacturing in China later this year. The Kowloon office is focused on procurement, quality assurance, and engineering. And it will allow the firm to “take advantage of variations in resin and other raw material prices across the globe,” the company said in a news release.
The office is operating as Source One, a name already well-known in Asia, said Michael Thaler, Anchor vice president of marketing. The Hong Kong office is a joint venture between Anchor Packaging and Gregory Glass, the new general manager for Asia.
Glass is a 25-year veteran in the sourcing industry and has been based in Hong Kong since 1991. He will have 12 employees working for Anchor.
Thaler said Anchor will look into manufacturing in China in the next few months. As to the location, he said the firm is “considering the possibilities in Taiwan and the mainland.” The Chinese manufacturing facility primarily will serve European and American customers. In the long term, however, the company aims to supply the Chinese market with locally made products, Thaler said. Anchor makes food packaging.

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