Guangdong Plastics Exchange aims for market regularity

Guangdong Province plans to seal its reputation as China’s plastics center by opening the Guangdong Plastics Exchange — the largest facility dedicated to plastics in China. The 20 billion yuan ($24.6 million), 200,000-square-meter warehouse will be able to store 300,000 tons of resin for manufacturers and trading companies.
The facility also will feature some new products designed for both local and international customers: financial guarantees on raw materials contracts and an Internet-based electronic ordering platform. The provider of those services is Guangdong Plastics Exchange Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Guangdong Hongda Industrial Group, one of Guangdong province’s largest plastic materials manufacturers and traders.
Located in Guangzhou’s Fangcun District, the exchange hopes to draw plastics and chemicals producers and traders from surrounding manufacturing cities to its opening ceremony and Global PVC Summit on Sept. 26.
Jin said the exchange can support up to 700 clients and expects a combination of trading companies and raw materials suppliers to join. She said membership in the exchange is open to international and domestic companies and individuals. To date, two Japanese companies have expressed interest in joining.

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