Davis-Standard: Introduction of Versatile, Pre-Engineered Roll Stand System, the “XP Express”

Davis-Standard, LLC recently introduced a pre-engineered roll stand system, the XP Express, that offers processors an operator friendly, highly functional and competitively priced unit with a reduced delivery time. This is Davis-Standard’s most versatile roll stand design providing linear roll actuation with capabilities for lamination, solution coating, auxiliary cooling, slitting and trimming, embossing and protective film applications. The custom models are available for both sheet applications (“CS”) and packaging applications (“PS”).
Advantages include high speed capabilities for thin gauge applications; individual roll speed control; repeatable roll positioning; thermal cooling for high throughput rates; a temperature range up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit; and accurate linear roll movement to accommodate multiple roll diameters in any position. The roll stand is available in an upstack, downstack, offset top or offset bottom configuration with roll cooling capabilities for three, four or five rolls. This model is engineered to meet or exceed all current safety requirements and offers the industry’s fastest, most straightforward roll change mechanism. Also included is Davis-Standard’s newly advanced hands-free roll gap system with automatic roll gap control and/or load force control for added operator safety and processing efficiency.
“This roll stand is unique because it combines multiple high-end features in a pre-engineered, cost-effective package,” said Al ---bacher, Davis-Standard business area manager. “We wanted to offer customers a roll stand design that accommodates a range of sheet and packaging applications because many of our customers serve multiple markets. We also wanted to provide something with a reduced delivery time.”
Optional equipment available with the new roll stand includes hot melt laminating
unwinds, protective film let-offs, sheet stress relief systems, post embossing assemblies, web solution applicators, thickness measurement systems, edge trim and multi-lane slitting devices, and auxiliary web cooling systems among others.
For more information about the new pre-engineered roll stand system, contact
Al ---bacher at [email protected]

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