Milacron: U.S.-made extruders hit European shores

An open house at Uniloy Milacron srl in Italy marks the first public showing of U.S.-made Cincinnati Milacron-brand extruders outside of North America, now that a five-year noncompete agreement with SMS AG has expired. “It’s our first push into markets outside of North America, with U.S.-manufactured extruders going out to the world,” said Tom Brown, Milacron’s general sales and product manager for extruders.
Brown said officials of the U.S. company are studying where to set up Cincinnati Milacron extrusion facilities outside of North America. Both companies also now will do battle in the fast-growing Asian market.
Milacron showed two extruders at the Magenta open house Sept-21-23: A TC-55 and a TP 93-26. The TC-55 is a conical twin-screw extruder, with a screw diameter of 55 millimeters. It is designed for custom profiles, windows, pipe, fencing, wood-flour, cap-stock coextrusion and other applications. The TP 93-26 with 93mm screws is the company’s smallest parallel twin screw extruder. It is used to make pipe, siding, profiles and sheet. The machines were built at Milacron’s main U.S. plant in Batavia, Ohio,
Milacron is taking the fight to Europe, home country to its arch-rival Cincinnati Extrusion GmbH of Vienna, Austria. Milacron was the long-time owner of the Vienna business, but sold it in 1999 to SMS of Düsseldorf, Germany. SMS also makes Battenfeld and American Maplan brand extruders. Milacron and SMS signed a noncompete agreement that kept them from intruding on each other’s markets. The agreement expired Jan. 1. The Austrian Cincinnati Extrusion has opened a U.S. facility in Erlanger, Ky.

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