Brueckner: LIWIND-System once again Proves Technological Leadership

Brückner is ringing in a new era in high-speed film winding and Manuli Film S.P.A., Italy, one of the world’s leading film producers, was the first to benefit from this quantum leap in winding technology. The winder of Manuli’s high performance 10m BOPP film line - the world’s largest and fastest - was significantly improved: The original mechanic/pneumatic/hydraulic contact roll positioning system was replaced by a revolutionary linear motor winding system, called LIWIND-system (patents pending).
The enormous benefits for the film production are:
• Wide operating windows, therefore supreme flexibility for parameter adjustment
• Perfectly wound mill rolls for all film types
• Very high winding speed
• Less mechanical components required, thus less wear and tear
Yet again Brückner’s innovation workshop has proven to be on top of its game.

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