LTL Color Compounders: Opening plant in China

LTL Color Compounders Inc. is building a plant in China to supply customers locating to Asia. The Morrisville, Pennsylvania, company is building a 6,224-square-meter plant in Liaobu in Dong Guan province, said LTL national sales manager Paul Zema. The new operation is due for completion in April 2006.
The LTL China operation will begin with two twin-screw extrusion lines with annual capacity 3,630 tons. Zema said LTL expects to add another four extruders within two years. Although the Liaobu plant will be a stand-alone operation with its own general manager, it will work closely with the Morrisville head office.
The new plant’s main geographic market will be in regions surrounding Shanghai, China, Vietnam and Singapore. In a few years LTL will scout a possible second compounding plant location in the region.
In a separate development, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers sold an exclusive worldwide license for its Surlyn Reflection Series resin to LTL. The material is an alloy of Surlyn ionomer resin and nylon 6 used mainly to injection mold durable and weatherable aesthetic parts. LTL assumed full business responsibility Oct. 1.

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