Raven: Expansion of Capacity with Davis-Standard Film Line

A new blown film line from the Davis-Standard, LLC Converting Systems Group has enabled Raven Industries of Sioux Falls, S.D., to expand its product development and commercial manufacturing capabilities. Raven, a leading U.S. supplier of construction, agriculture and industrial packaging films, installed the five-layer system last spring to develop new products using nylon and EVOH resins. The machine features five extruders and an oscillating haul-off with gusset ability for bag production. An EPIC control system provided extensive recording ability using commercial hardware and software. Several products are currently being evaluated by customers, which Raven hopes to move into production shortly. The 64-inch wide (1,600mm) line is also used for conventional polyolefin product manufacturing.
“Davis-Standard’s Converting Systems Group is easy to work with and the field technical support personnel are excellent,” said Gary Kolbasuk, senior product development engineer at Raven Industries. “This is our first line with more than three layers and the only one we use for nylon and EVOH. It has given us greater capacity to develop new products while servicing our growing production demands.”
Raven’s engineered films division supplies a broad range of monolayer, co-extruded and scrim-reinforced films. The company extrudes, laminates and converts very low to high density polyethylene and polypropylene films ranging from ultra thin .25 mil to 40 mil in thickness. Much of Raven’s film is used in-house on the company’s lamination lines where a reinforcement material such as polyester scrim is added. The reinforced films are then fabricated into larger sheets or tarps. Raven’s key product lines encompass precise packaging film, high-strength construction films and puncture-
resistant geomembrane liners. Films manufactured by Raven are being used in the continued disaster relief effort of Hurricane Katrina.
In addition to the five-layer line, Raven recently purchased unwind stations and winders from Davis-Standard. For more information about Raven Industries, visit www.ravenind.com. For more information about the blown film capabilities of Davis-Standard’s Converting Systems Group, contact Rick Keller at [email protected]

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