VBE: Profile and Pipe firm adds further extrusion lines

UK profile, pipe and tube manufacturer VPE has installed two new extrusion lines as it experiences growth along with sister company Verplas, which supplies the ventilation market.
The EURO 728,000 investment, which also includes factory services and a new power supply, increases the Dorset company’s number of extrusion lines to eight. The larger line is a 90mm twin Kraus Maffei extruder with integrated downstream controls and feedstock provided by a twin station gravimetric feeder from Colormax to handle blends of materials and recycled product. The line has capacity for profiles up to 320mm wide by 130mm deep but the principle products will be ventilation ducting VPE manufactures for Verplas. VPE managing director Ken Armstrong said that Verplas products had achieved significant growth in recent years and further growth was planned. Baston supplied downstream equipment for this line and also the 60mm Boston Matthews extruder VPE has installed. The smaller line includes a swarfless guillotine and saw combination purchased specifically for the medium-sized profiles used extensively in the leisure home and general industrial markets which VPE supplies.

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