Davis-Standard: Diverse Pipe and Profile Offering Addresses Multiple Applications

Davis-Standard’s manufacturing facility in Erkrath, Germany, offers an extensive range of custom pipe and profile systems for specialty applications worldwide. Demand is strong for systems capable of processing all thermoplastic materials, including TPR as well as cosmetic tubing lines for mono, two and five-layer barrier structures and wood composite window frame and window sill lines. Davis-Standard recently sold a two-layer cosmetic tubing line to a customer in Italy and installed four wood composite window frame and window sill lines with Euro Blue™ single screw extruders in South Africa. Cotton swab stick and dip tube production lines with capabilities up to 5,000 sticks per minute have been sold to customers in Europe, Asia and South America.
Davis-Standard also supplies medical tubing lines including a star-lumen tubing system for processing medical grade flexible PVC or polyurethane compounds tubing with internal star-shaped profiles at outputs of 70 meters (230 feet) per minute. The company currently has two FEP and PVC medical tubing lines available for customer trials at its laboratory.

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