Wayne: Exclusive territory franchises outside North America USA based

Wayne Machine & Die Company (www.waynemachine.com) manufacturer of the Wayne Yellow Jacket® Line of plastic, silicone and rubber extrusion equipment has announced the offering of exclusive territory franchises outside North America for local manufacturing, distribution, sales and service of the complete line of laboratory, pilot plant and production single and twin screw extruders, dies and downstream equipment. Wayne Machine plans to spread the technology and extrusion machinery expertise, developed over the past 47 years, and create a truly global brand that is manufactured locally by qualified licensed partner firms and customized to local requirements. The extrusion equipment is used to produce blown and cast film, compounding, co-extrusion, fiber, fiber optic sheathing, wire insulation, cable coating, monofilament, pelletizing, rod, sheet, medical and industrial tubing and other extrusion processes. Licensees will set up Yellow Jacket Brand extrusion equipment based laboratories for customer demonstration and testing purposes. All worldwide territories are available, including but not limited to China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Asian Sub-Continent, Eastern and Western Europe, Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America and other territories. License includes technology transfer, start-up assistance, engineering support, manufacturing rights, plant design assistance, Yellow Jacket® trademark usage, marketing assistance and ongoing support.

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