Battenfeld Gloucester: First cast stretch film line installed in Ukraine

Battenfeld Gloucester has installed what it says is the first cast stretch line in Ukraine. The customer was HekroPET which purchased one five-layer 3 metre wide line for simultaneous production of six 500 mm wide rolls. Battenfeld Gloucester product manager David Finnemore said: “This line is a state of the art model among stretch film lines, especially in view of its high output and line speed capability of up to 600 metres per minute.” He said the market for cast stretch film in the CIS region is about 80,000tpa and this is forecast to grow by more than 8% annually. The turnkey line supplied by Battenfeld Gloucester includes two 90 mm and two 130 mm Contracool extruders. Each is equipped with its own screen changer and gravimetric feeding unit for four or five components, which gives a total net line production capacity of up to 1,800 kg/hour. Other equipment includes feed block and automatic flat film die from Cloeren, in-line edge trim reclaim system, infra-red thickness measuring, and a fully automatic dual turret winder.

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