Entek: Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders

ENTEK Extruders is a leading manufacturer of Co-rotating twin screw extruders based in Oregon, USA, with offices in Europe, East Coast USA and Singapore. ENTEK’s current developments include a novel method of colouring profiles in wood plastic composite or fibre plastic composite to give the product a ‘Wood Grain Effect’. This technology has been developed to satisfy the need for direct extrusion lines to provide in-line colouring of the profile to give the look and effect of grained coloured wood. The Process involves adding a number of base colours into the polymer matrix to provide the background colour of the wood. Then coloured ‘Streakers’ are added at a strategic location along the twin screw extruder barrel to facilitate the resultant ‘Streaked’ effect in the profile, giving it the ‘Wood Grain’ look. This ‘Streaked’ effect penetrates through the thickness of the extruded profile thus giving it the look of natural wood without any additional surface laminates or machining processes. This technology was developed in ENTEK’s Twin Screw Extruder Technical Centre at its Headquarters in Oregon, USA. This facility is available to customers to develop their own processes as well as complete customer trials.

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