Davis-Standard: Gearcase Retrofits Available for All Extruder Brands

Davis-Standard, LLC now offers gearcase retrofits for non Davis-Standard brand extruders. The additional service has been well received by customers as many old gearcase brands are no longer supported by the original manufacturer. This makes repair and maintenance nearly impossible and can turn into a very costly endeavor both in downtime and parts expenses.
Davis-Standard provides the required technical drawings and on-site service to ensure a smooth retrofit that adds years of productivity to existing extruders. Typically there is some retrofitting required at the extruder base, and in some instances a visit by a service engineer is required to obtain specific measurements prior to order acceptance. Customers with in-house retrofit capabilities are often able to fit the box themselves.
To reduce downtime, Davis-Standard offers short turnaround times. The timeline depends on the type of retrofit, but can be done in as quickly as one to two weeks. Davis-Standard also supplies replacement screws, advanced screw designs and barrels for non Davis-Standard extruders. For more information, contact Bill Houle at [email protected]

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