Applied Films: Award for Color-Shift Film

Applied Films GmbH, Alzenau, Germany, has won the 2005 Innovation Award at the ICE (International Converting Exhibition) in Munich for its color-shift film coating. A supplier of thin-film deposition equipment and services, Applied Films uses electron-beam evaporation to apply a three-layer coating to flexible substrates. Its proprietary “Fabry Perot Filter” consists of a thick metallic (aluminum) base layer acts as a mirror. On top of that is a transparent aluminum oxide (alumina) layer that allows light to reflect in different colors. The top layer is a thin, semi-transparent aluminum layer. When viewed at different angles, the reflected color changes, making the coating attractive for decorative packaging and security labels. The company’s Topbeam deposition system can apply the coating at 20 meters/min. Tel: +49 6023 92 6000; fax: +49 6023 92 6200; e-mail: [email protected];

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