Davis-Standard: Multi-Layer Duct Tubing Line Expands Processing Range

A new Davis-Standard, LLC duct tubing line gives processors maximum versatility for processing multi-layer tubing for fiber optic applications.
Davis-Standard recently tested the line under production conditions at its lab in Erkrath, Germany. The line, used for processing HDPE tubing, features two layers. The inside layer has small serrations and a thin silicon PE coating to reduce friction, which is essential when feeding fiber optics down long tube lengths. The outer layer has four stripes to provide color coding for identification purposes. The line is capable of line speeds ranging from 110 meters per minute for small 5mm by 4mm diameter tubing to speeds of 55 meters per minute for larger 12mm by 10mm tubing. Other line speeds tested include 75 meters per minute for 7mm by 5mm diameter tubing and 60 meters per minute for 10mm by 8mm tubing.
The coextrusion arrangement includes a 75mm Euro Blue extruder combined with a 25mm coextruder for the inner layer and a 20mm coextruder for the outer layer. A coextrusion spiral distribution head and die sets optimize melting for the coextruders. The line also includes pre-bath calibrators for high speed applications, a vacuum and cooling tank with air blow-off, a non-contact laser gauge with vacuum control, a belt puller with remote controls, and dancers with a dual spindle winder and cutter.
Davis-Standard has supplied similar lines for fiber optics used in Internet-based and telecommunications applications. For more information about this line and Davis-Standard’s fiber optic duct tubing capabilities, contact Gerhard Folie at Davis-Standard’s facility in Erkrath, Germany at [email protected] or by telephone at

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